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Natural & 100% Organic

Products are 100% natural and organic remove of manufactured chemicals mostly used by pharmaceutical products.

When was the last time you read and understood the label of medicines you intake to keep healthy?

                    TeDivina Tea Product


Featuring one of the Nations No.1 herbal tea that’s taking the pounds off! TeDivina™ Tea.

With it’s unique blend of 12 all-natural herbs, just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results.

Find out why some people are calling this amazing drink a “miracle” tea.

We guarantee the results that detoxing is excellent approach to a better quality of life.

Read more about TeDivina™ tea.

1 Pack TeDivina Tea

TeDivina™ 1 Pack


Buy TeDivina Tea 1 Pack

Enjoy the one week supply of 100% refined herbs. This is the King of Herbs. With TeDivina™, you too can experience the all the benefits of this ancient herb secrets! Herbs used in the TeDivina™ tea has been used for centuries in Asia as a herbal remedy to support health, aid in the removal of toxins, increases endurance and maintain well-being.

Special Packages

Enjoy overall wellness with this TeDivina™ detox tea until December 26th. Your body will thank you for it!

Buy the first pack for $20.00 and get the second pack for $15.00.

2 Pack TeDivina Teas

TeDivina™ 2 Pack Special


Buy TeDivina Tea 2 Pack Special

Enjoy the benefits of overall wellness with TeDivina™ tea 2 pack special. Your body will thank you for it! With TeDivina™, experience the benefits of a body free of day-to-day toxins for endurance and a longer life.


"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." by Benjamin Franklin

"A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier." by Tom Stoppard

Buy More and Save More

3 Pack TeDivina Teas

TeDivina™ 3 Tea Packs


Buy TeDivina Tea 3 Packs

All-in-one body cleanser 3 week supply that will help support your body immune system.

6 Pack TeDivina Teas

TeDivina™ 6 Tea Packs


Buy TeDivina Tea 6 Packs

A 6 week supply that will help to continue your body detox regimen and to give a gift to someone else's body restoration.

Extended Pack Product

TeDivina™ Tea • Extended Pack

Call for Pricing

As days and weeks passes, there may be a necessity to provide a friend or family member (or friends/members) with this tea for detoxing purposes without using chemical based products that may lead to other internal challenges. We give our families organic products over chemical based products.


Embrace and enjoy your transformation that will last a lifetime of excitement.

The new you embraces a quality of life that you have always desired.

The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough Colon Cleanser

Reasons for Detoxing

Seizing the Moment

Restored Health

Detoxing Changed My Life


Our opportunities aligns with our mission.

That is, to provide High Quality All-Natural products that would offer immediate results and sustain wellness and a normal quality of life.


Sharing health & wellness core values makes it right to move forward.

  • The Enders

    Year 2016

    Don't Just Live. Experience Life.

    Step out and experience the greater you with good health and a financial sustainable life. It's time to dream again with a contagious and positive support system and a team ready to accelerate your economic stability and health awareness.

    by Cassandra Ward

  • Team

    January 2016

    Dreams Becomes A Reality

    As a team, we begin to see the reality of our written strategy for success. With increasing good health of others realized by our organic products and services, financial rewards became a reality forever yielding a stress free life.

    by Cassandra Ward

  • Contagious

    December 2015

    Transformation Becomes Contagious

    With a new exciting life without unwavering ideas and thoughts, my economic rewards and increasing sustainable health started to transforms others in a contagious view of reality of rewards received.

    Now, as a team, I am no longer alone on this voyage of success of good health and economic freedom.

    by Cassandra Ward

  • transformed

    September 2015

    Reached Out and Transformed

    As I explored options of a better quality of life of good health and economic sustainability, I accepted the opportunity to become an independent business owner managing my personal life. In action, I realized that greater lived within for greater future outcomes. I WIN!

    by Cassandra Ward

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